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And So It Starts



I've been thinking about doing this for sometime and have now taken the plunge! My thoughts are that if the guys can go to the trouble of creating and running the new forum, then I can post an entry every day or so.


For those who don't know me I have been back in budgies for two years, having previously kept them with my Dad.




I have a passion for spangles and particularly violet spangles, it means that sometimes I don't do the 'right' thing by everyones standards, but it is right for me.




I have 12 breeding cages with another 6 on order, due to the time limits that my job places on me I have pretty much plastic everything which means cleaning is as quick as possible. This breeding season I have even got rid of the wooden concaves, opting instead for these.




Anything I say in this blog will have absolutely no side agenda and willl not be intended to cause offense, it will just be my opinion. Any comments more than welcome, including 'you idiot why are you doing that?'.


Speak soon






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Mick Freakley


Hi Simon, great to see you starting a blog, looking forward to your regular updates.

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Thanks Guys, will do my best to keep it regular. Not sure how interesting it will be but we'll see! See you both tomorrow hopefully.





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Guest Mike Chase


I like your final comment Simon re - "absolutely no side agenda and will not be intended to cause offence", I sometimes blog something down, before sending it to the brain department !!

Cheers mate


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My trouble is making sure I just write what think. It can be really nerve wracking when you think who is likely to look at the entry, especially as in my latest entry I have talked about two new pairs and the reasoning behind them!

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Guest Mike Chase


Yeah I know exactly what you mean - pressure eh, we thought this was a hobby !!!!

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