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Welcome To My Blog - Alan Bundy



My Challenge (001)







Dear Forum friends, thanks for checking on my 1st post. I have decided to call this blog My Challenge. I think I stole that name from Gerald Binks book but in fact isn’t that what we are in? I write a blog on blogspot that you are welcome to check out where I write about my travels over the last couple years to some of the top bird rooms in England.


I am in fact from America but have had the benefit of growing up in Rhodesia, Africa before it was called Zimbabwe. I bred birds as a boy and in the early 90s before having to give up due to circumstances out of my control. I always missed the birds and knew I would be back once we moved into our own home. I am now in my 7th year and have done well at the shows over here. I am currently at the Intermediate level and honestly I think it is too easy over here to advance. Once you are in the Champion level its difficult to compete if you haven’t built up the quality across the stud. So I’m in no hurry. I recently imported birds from England and am in the process of establishing a pure line from 3 top breeders.


My bird room consists of 2 rooms, with 16 breeding cages. I’m planning on increasing the number by 12 and removing one of my flights then building a large outside flight. This will help me with the numbers and also space to work on Texas Clearbody’s that I’m trying to bring back to the east coast here in the USA. Currently I have mostly Normal’s but have recently been working with Spangles.


Thanks for check in. If you are interested in looking at my Blogspot blog I have many pictures and articles about my travel experiences.




Its: www.awbbudgies.blogspot.com





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