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Fallow Colours Miss. Youngest Not Doing Well.



I said before


The three baby fallows seem to be:

mauve fallow

sky opaline fallow

sky fallow


What an incompetent budgerigar breeder I am. The first one looks like it is going to be opaline as well (hen in that case), and perhaps the second one also mauve (I'm being careful with my statements now).


The mother has chosen a different box for her second clutch so the chicks were left a bit behind. Especially the youngest chick is lethargic and had an empty crop. I force fed it yesterday and I also put the box on the ground with the lid opened: Hoping the cock would notice them more. The cock is most of the time just idly waiting on the perch for one of his hens to come so he'd better pull his finger out. This morning the two oldest were fed but the youngest wasn't doing really better. Filled its crop with the needle again. As I'm working from home today I will check up on it regularly.




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