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  2. Mick Freakley


    2008 BS World show winner. Freakley & Ainley.
  3. Mick Freakley


    2008 Club show winner Freakley & Ainley Dominant Pied Cock.
  4. Live Interview with Kevin Eatwell
  5. Live Interview with The McGoverns
  6. Live Interview with Mick Freakley
  7. BobWright

    Violet Cock

    Aah right...know where your coming from I raced pigeons for many years and had a good racing cock 3x1sts, 2x2nds ect but would fight every breeding season and cause havok smashing eggs in other pairs boxes....sadly I had to get rid.
  8. Simon Devaney

    Violet Cock

    We did try but he just messed about in the breeding cage
  9. BobWright

    Violet Cock

    Hi Simon any reason for not breeding from him....i'm new to the hobby but just curious, love the colour.
  10. Mick Freakley


    Best young bird at BS world show 2017 and Best in show 2018/19 McGovern's.
  11. © Copyright Mick Freakley.

  12. © Copyright Mick Freakley.

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