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  4. Simon Devaney

    Violet Cock

    Was a good cock for us, sadly never bred anything from him
  5. G Willcocks


    Good set there mate
  6. sean p

    Violet Cock

    looks nice...
  7. Darren mckeown

    Darren mckeown

    Merry Xmas all fingers crossed for your 2020 breeding season.

  8. paolo

    • paolo
    • Mick Freakley

       my andress...PINTO PAOLO VIA CILEA 88 

    80127 NAPOLI...ITALY



    HI MICK, THOUGHT IT WAS ALREADY GOT ... my address is also written on the paypal receipt I paid

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    2. paolo


      Thanks Mick the calendars are already here in Naples .... fast............................

    3. Mick Freakley

      Mick Freakley

      Wow, that's amazing.

      Thanks again for supporting the EBF.

      A Merry Christmas to you.




    4. paolo


      Thanks to all of you and I extend my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  9. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith

    This normal cinnamon skyblue won the Swiss show in 2019

    Cinn Skyblue 2019.JPG

  10. rainbowCro

    • rainbowCro
    • Christine

    hey about that "Rainbow Budgerigars & Constituent Varieties" book i saw somewhere you typed you got copies, can you make like some Internet PDF copy? so we can share arround the forum members or so? or is there any digital copy of the book for reasonable price? Thanks!

  11. Crazy Budgie Woman

    Crazy Budgie Woman

    Had these two hatch today. Hopefully one nest is yellow faced violets



  12. swainy


    hi I am new to keeping Budgerigars so I am breeding a few hopefully to get some idea as to stock management with a view to showing at a later date

  13. Kevin Pestell

    Bedfordshire BS

    Beds Club Auction.pdf 27.46 kB · 14 downloads
  14. Gally

    • Gally
    • Keith waters

    Hi  Keith . Lovely set up.. is there any  that makes these blocks of 9 cages. I presume that's what they may be ..thnk u

    1. Keith waters

      Keith waters

      Hi Gally thanks for the nice comments I made the cages myself but I am afraid I have had to dispose of the birds and cages etc as the wife would like to move house !!! But hopefully will be back in a couple of years 

      Thanks Keith 

    2. Gally


      O ok. Sorry to hear that..

  15. Kevin Pestell

    Clitheroe BS 50th. Anniversary members show

    Clitheroe BS 50th. Anniversary members show. 5th. October .Open to the public from 2.30pm. Held at Whalley Methedist Church.
  16. deg


    Wow great head wonderful blow
  17. Simon Devaney

    Split LW Cock.jpg

    Did have, sadly no longer with us
  18. deg

    Split LW Cock.jpg

    Great width of shoulder
  19. Kevin Pestell

    • Kevin Pestell
    • Mick Freakley

    I take it you see the post as I was wrighting, I thought where the **** as that gone in the recycle bin LOL

  20. Mick Freakley


    Great stuff.
  21. JesperLennart

    10346184 10152482946543278 8726944815740200221 N

    Like that one
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