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I'm quite pleased with Pip and Dukes chicks.


double factor spangles





single spangle




sky cinnamon normal hen







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well all 10 chicks from 2 nests are doing really well.

I had to remove one lot of chicks as Pip was trying to attack the oldest chick, so dad has been feeding the chicks. I left mum in the breeding cage and she has laid an egg, wonder if it will have a chick in!!

The chicks are 6-5weeks old will they be ok on their own! as when I was cleaning the baby cage out I put the dad back in with the mum for now, would it be an idea to put dad back with chicks on a night time !!!

the other nest box with Bella (4yrs old) she had one chick left in the box, I didn't realise that it is 5weeks old. I've taken the chick out as Bella now has 2eggs. Bella has not shown any aggression the chick!!

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my other 2 nests are coming on nicely! a couple of doms in one nest....Haven't a clue on the colourings of the other chicks. Hoping that Brian will have time on Wednesday to have a look at the chicks I have bred so far!!!!

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I've homed to 2 baby budgies...soo I've only got 29 budgies now


Bella my recessive sky 4yr old hen is on her 2nd round, she only hatched 4 chicks and a foster in the 1st nest!Today she has laid her 8TH EGG and the 1st chick have chicks in....I know some may not hatch but still that quite a clutch I think x My 3 little dominate babies are getting big quickly!


Brian came around to have a look at the baby budgies that I have bred, 2 good spangles...have shoulder width. 1 good hen as maybe a stock hen!

the other 3 not too bad!


try get photos in the morning!

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It's exciting seeing how they develop isn't it Gaile? I like the one on the right of the pick, looks like a hen?

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THANK YOU Dean for the comment, I was starting to think my blog didn't let people reply !!!!!


Yes she is a hen, a very nice cinnamon sky spangle (Cindy)x


2 cocks on the left end and the rest are hens xxx

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I find the blog section hard to locate compared to the previous forum....it might be just me. It also might be that my eyesight is getting worse lol.

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she had a bit of a dirty vent, but when I picked her up she was very thin. Think it was just too late to do anything x

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well today is the day I don't want to breed budgies as the beautiful sky dom pied chick in the box, has been killed by its mum !!

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well I have lost 3 chicks within a week.

D/f spangle died don't know why.

then a young mum killed her 4wk old cock chick I was gutted, although I've seen photos, this is the first time I have witnessed the horror of a chick been killed by a parent! so not nice

then my lovely little Dipper died in my hands, he had a deformed foot so I wonder if he had other problems with internal organs x he was only 6weeks old beautiful light green dilute, always a big chick. but I will carry on, Bella now has 7chicks all doing really well x

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I'm sorry about this Gaile...it's gut wrenching isn't it? Unfortunately it happens every now and again. I had two happen in two days with different hens who had previously been brilliant mums. One chick I saved but its life is on a knifes edge.....I think it will probably die anyway eventually. It's really sad but its nature and it happens (sad face).

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My mini little aviary has so far produced 27 rung chicks, still a few eggs to hatch.... quite pleased with that amount as I only have 4 breeding cages x

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