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From: Budgie Diet

Maurice Firth


can any one tell me am i feeding my birds correct diet it all new to me


here,s the MENU

verselle laga prestige seed mix

haiths tonic seed with aniseed liquid added

soaked groats skd overnite 1ss weekly

emp egg changed daily (dry +moist)

fingerdraws seeweed dried

broccoli-cauli-dandylion leef. lettuce put in blender

hard boiled egg baked eggshells .iodine pecks.cuttlebone

plus a mountain of vitamins,supplements

bottled water.



Source: Budgie Diet


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Hi Maurice, I would cut down on the vitamins to may be a couple of times a week and only give green food once every few days. You run the risk of overdoing it and too much if a good thing is a bad thing, if you know what I mean. The birds are fine with good quality, varied seed, dry oats (they drink more water if they need it) and clean, regularly changed water. Your iodine nibbles and seaweed minerals made available in finger drawers are fine and emp softfood only needed in breeding really (although you can give them a little in finger drawers to get them used to it). Hope this helps....the general rule is keep it simple and don't over do it....it's not a s complicated as we like to make out. The birds will probably get more benefit (psychological) out of nibbling on a nice clean apple tree branch !

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