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Set Up And Help



Hi to every one I am new to all of this I have just started to keep budgies I thve a 12X8 shed with 12 breeding cages that I built with nest boxes built in.

At present I am in the middle of make an inside flight size 8X4X3

I have a question if any one can give me an answer to it.

I have got the hold of 8 show cages but need to touch them up so I am looking for 10 or 12 brass desk turns 25mm also the same in door pulls as I live in Northern Ireland (UK) I am unable to find any here so if any one can put me in contact with any one that can supply them it would be great.


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Maurice Firth


hi eddie I had same prob but thanks to member got some

from unico fittings. but if not succesfull I got afew spare

new one,s + some used 1,s that need a bit of a clean you can have for free just send me your address.

regards maurice

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