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New To Site And To Showing



hi all and thanks for helping. We have joined the bs, lcnwbs,spbba and the gbs. No matter what we read we cant find stuff on showing apart from what the judges look for.


We are beginners, so what are we allowed to show


How are points created eg, someone got breeder of the year for 107 points how are the points made up.


Can you enter any open show


We would love your help also on anything else that you think might help us understand the showing


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Can I suggest you find a local breeder/exhibitor and ask them to go through a schedule with budgie classification and show you how to complete an entry form.

If you put your location on the thread, somebody living nearby might offer to help. I am sure there must be a lot of Icnwbs members using this site.

Best wishes Nick

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Sorry I forgot to mention that you can use the Ebf Mentors List to find someone to support you. Their names, location and telephone numbers can be found under the headings 'Exhibition Budgerigars' then in 'General Talk', third thread, page 1. Good luck.

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if you send me your address ill send you some stuff that helps you know how a show is run and i think ive got some old scheldule which you can look through to give some idea of the classess and section if you want and any thig else that might help regards mick c ps phone if you like im in the mentors list

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