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Two More Pairs



After a great day at Stafford I returned to the bird room to fill the two free cages.


I've noticed that after the snow and generally awful weather the birds have really perked up with the arrival of the lighter, warmer weather. Although we heat and provide lights in the aviary I do think that the birds still know what the conditions are really like outside. Anyone else had the same experience/feeling?


After much deliberation I decided on two cocks that I have recently acquired.


A Golden Face Double Factor




Was paired to this Cobalt Spangle hen




The reason for the pairing in my eyes was that I want double factors to increase the choice of spangles I have and the hen has nice spots so I am hoping that the DF's won't be masking poor spots. She also has more feather than he does which I hope will come out in the chicks. It's funny how looking at the pairing via photos outside of the bird room gives you a different perspective! It's also nerve wracking knowing who is likely to look at this post! :blush:


And this Sky Spangle was paired to a normal grey green hen. The hen is one of my best and again is more buff feathered as the cock has a tighter feather. His breeding is excellent, his father being the full brother to a bird that did very well at the Club Show. They also both have Mannes blood in the background, and not about 20 generations back either!




I appreciate that the first pairing will not be to everyone's liking, but being obsessed by spangles it feels exciting to me! I understand that I won't progress as quickly as some in the hobby by having this preference for one variety and acting on it when pairing, but to be honest I don't care as I'm not in a hurry and good spangles need good normals/opalines and cinnamons in the making in my opinion so I won't end up with a flight full of spangles! :doh:

This does raise another point that I found a little frustrating when I first started, that is the assumption that everyone wants to show their birds. To be honest I am really breeding for me, but sure I will show at some point as I like to know that I am heading in the right direction, but it is definitely not the be all and end all.


Will let you know how the new pairs get on! Any comments on the pairs very much appreciated, it would be good to know someone is reading the random thoughts of a beginner! :D:






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Mick Freakley


Its great Simon to see someone new to our hobby, knowing that you have been on a lot of aviary visits last year to come up with a way of enjoying the birds to suit your desires. There are I feel too many pressures on beginners at times to get their birds on the show bench etc, when in reality they have plenty of time to do so. I think your approach is refreshing and may encourage other to take a similar a route. I can't comment on the pairs as a pair because you haven't posted images of the hens, but to I understand why you are making them and I wish you well. I will be most interested to see how your project works out, and If I ever need a spangle out cross I will know where to come, you will certainly have enough of them.

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Thanks Mick, I'd love to think I'd have the quality that might one day interest you! I'll certainly be giving it a good go :-)


Will add the photo of hen which seems to have gone!





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Great looking birds Simon. I must pop round and have a coffee soon. The Cobalt Pied I got from you turned out to be split for Cinnamon. So I put him with a lovely Cinnamon green hen and I have 5 great youngsters from them. I must start a blog and put some photo's on here.


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