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A Quick Trip To Cumbria...................



On Monday I made a quick dash, just under four hours, to the Miller stud in Cumbria. Photos below.




Richard showed me an Opaline Dark green cock




Which whilst nice, I wouldn't have thought that would have produced the likes of these!




Another example of how having a well bred related stud will produce higher quality when using visually inferior specimens to higher quality partners. That said the cock would be most welcome in 99% of bird rooms in the UK, it's just that the offspring are a class higher.


A couple of videos which I think show the consistent high quality of the stud. I could have taken much more and stayed for so long.


Miller Greys.MOV

Miller Violets and Cobalts.MOV


These are uploaded from a Mac so hope all can watch.


All in all a brilliant day with great birds and fantastic hospitality!


But why was I there and back in a day?


The answer is that I treated myself and bought the 24 pairs of birds that Richard and Michael put up for sale on the EBF. The reason why I am being so public with this is that I agreed with Richard that I would pair following his guidance and record the progress of my new Miller line(:-)) on this blog. I hope and expect from seeing the whole of their stud that it will prove that it is blood that counts. We shall see.


As I pair up, I shall put it in the blog and take photos of any chicks produced and record honestly my thoughts as time moves on. I am planning to run the two sides of my birds independently and breed for about 18 - 24 months without adding any other birds to the stud and see where I am then.


I hope this will be of interest, particularly from fellow beginners.


Fingers crossed :-)









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Hi Simon, will follow this thread with interest, good luck mate and I hope you breed some stormers

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Thanks Guys


Feels like it's going to be really interesting.


Not giving up on the other side of birds either!





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Well done you two, the opaline grey's (cock 6 and hen 19) together with pairs 23 and 12 really caught my eye so i'd be facinated to see what they produce and how well they do. An excellent way to chart what type of young are thrown from what type of parents- it's going to be fun so well done for taking the leap.

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Hi Simon, good luck, its a great opportunity for you. The Millers are good people and their birds are tremendous. You should do well.

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BEST WISHES SIMON my advice KEEP the group together, it is a good opportunity for you to start a family of birds.....ERIC

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