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Wrong Pairing



Yesterday I put in an extra the mauve fallow hen and a split fallow cock into the fallow breeding flight. Guess what happened? The split fallow cock decided to pair up with the wrong hen. This hen is either the sister of this cock (in which case she is split) or just a bad hen from a foster pair. My records are empty on her band number (which probably means she's from the foster pair). Anyway: a bad combination. So I've thrown out this hen in the hope that the cock will pair up to the fallow hen (half sister).


I already reported eggs with the fallow cock and his best daughter (cobalt opaline split fallow). I noticed that a young fallow cock is chasing the sky blue hen from the main line that was brought in to improve the quality (picture of that hen was in one of my previous posts).


So I'm hopeful for the fallow flight.




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