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3Rd Flight: Extra Hen



Both split fallow sisters in the third flight aren't showing much interest in the breeding cages. That will hopefully change. Yesterday I noticed a hen in the big flight was very interested with what was going on in this flight.


It was a small 2010 hen, first generation of what would become my main line. She bred me 1 of "the three 2011 cocks": the 3 best birds I ever bred. Last year she was paired up to another on those 3 cocks. This year she raised one nest as foster because she is such a good mother and her eggs addled. I had her in my head as a main or spare hen for September 2014 so she was getting a rest.


She's not the youngest anymore and since she was interested and matches with both cocks in this flight I threw her in. Today I had to look for her in one of the breeding boxes. I do hopes she produces me a few good ones!


Here's a picture of her from a while back:DSC00138.jpg


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