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There has to be an upside!

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Fingers Crossed

I've had a late box inspection today and found another pinkie in pair 3 and just the one in the feeder pair 7- that's 4 chicks in three days for pair 3 so I closed the box up and scratched my head as you do- I'm not sure the hen would manage so many so close together as the size differential between them and the feeder chick was quite staggering- but I guess that happens when you have to split crop milk four ways- so rather than leave it until it becomes a "I should have" I transferred the new c

kevin bore

kevin bore

On The Up

It had to happen i felt compelled by one man and his blog to start my own so here goes.   Firstly you may expect me to thank some people but having come from a thankless job i make sure that i say thank you often and regularly to the people whom have helped me, this has ranged from a panic call with great advise, reasurrance that im not doing things wrong, free birds or access to good genes and to some sounding boards and to building great relationships for the future-   However a BIG than

kevin bore

kevin bore

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