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Welcome To My Blog - Alan Bundy



My Challenge (003)






In 2011 I was planning a trip over to the club show and an aviary tour of bird rooms. Steve Holland was helpful in setting up these visits. He decided to write an article about traveling to shows. To my surprise he wrote about me traveling 14 hours one way to Wisconsin, USA to one of the shows they have there. Who would think that I would be

in the Budgerigar Society magazine as the feature article. It reminds me of how much this hobby has done for me.


2009 was a great year. Aquiring birds from top breeders in my region seemd to pay off and I was having a lot of good luck on the show scene and by the end of the year I was the breeder of the year in the USA for Novice. It was all very exciting. I signed up for Facebook and soon was involved with Bob Wilson on an international group called

Exhibition Budgerigars. I think it has over 8000 members now from all over the world. I then set up a National USA group and have been able to stay in constant contact with members across this great land. The thing I love about these forums is the immediate answers to questions you have from experienced breeders who are interested in sharing what they have learned over time.


I posted on my Blogspot blog an article on the 2011 Budgerigar Society Club show and Steve Holland emailed me to say the he was contacted by the Chairman of the BS society about my article. You can read it here.






In 2011 I won the Intermediate Division at the All American and placed 9th over all in the show. What a thrill it was to watch, and I have never been so anxous. Maybe this all seems arrogant but I just want to share my excitement of the things I have experienced in my short time back. I know my place, and I have much to learn in this hobby. I enjoy sharing my pictures and trying to help direct people with the contacts I have made. I think in some ways our hobby is living a slow death, but I want to prolong that for as long as I am able.



Some of my goals in the future are to create a DVD series covering specific topics. I really believe media is the future, but it has to be done well. Good video takes the right equipment and a lot of planning and time in post production. I hope to do interviews at shows and short spots to put out to the web. Hopefully we can pull it off. Who is with me?





After a long day at the 2011 Club show


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