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Welcome To My Blog - Alan Bundy



My Challenge (002)








I started back in the hobby the end of 2006 and I went online to see if I could find one of the old Champion breeders that I bought birds from back in 1990. He wasn't around but I was able to connect to a club and through email found someone very helpful in finding good stock to start with. I was invited to a Club meeting and drove down with cages to the meeting. It was a 2 hour drive. I brought back 4 pair of birds from 2 Champion breeders and this is where I got started. At the meeting I was invited to a show in North Carolina a few months later. This is where I got hooked because I was given an extremely warm welcome.



I decided to do a simple website and some of the members of our club liked my pictures and site. I was asked if I wanted to do a club website. I said I would and this is where all of my contacts came from. I was invited to be a part of a Forum that was by invitation only. Ron Payne was part of the group along with the likes of Steve Holland. I was quite humbled to be included in with this goup considering I had virtually no experience. The group members made me feel very comfortible. As I was building the site I decided to ask if any one on the Forum would be willing to write some articles for the website. I offered to pay a small amount for this. I got a response from Steve Holland of "The Holland Stud" in England and he stated clearly that this was a hobby and he had no interest in making money. From that point we developed a friendship and Steve and his brother Michael helped to mentor me. I created a website just for us 3 and put a picture of every good bird I owned on the website for them to download and assess. I give them credit for helping me become Novice breeder of the year here in the USA in 2009.



The website started to get noticed and I soon became aquainted with the likes of Barrie Shutt and other people from around the country here in the USA. My goal for the website was to inform people about things go on in the hobby around the world and right here at home.



Its amazing to me how much I have gained from this hobby by being active in it. I have met many incredible people who have motivated me to keep going.



Well thats all for now...I know, I'm talking about myself a lot but I guess this is my Blog so take it or leave it! LOL



Thanks for reading my blog.


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