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Hot To Trot



I decided earlier in the year that I wouldn't breed over the winter, instead curtail all activities at the latest in December. But the birds seem to have different ideas. Most of them are or are coming into condition right now and bouncing off the walls. I had to segregate one cock who I caught flinging two of his brothers of perches by their wings because he is so smitten with a young hen (4 months old). If only she where 6 months old I would pop them in a cage and give them a go. I have another pair who paired up At about 6 or 7 weeks old now 4-5 months old who are inseperable. I've never seen two budgies so loved up. I am wishing the months away so that I can pair them up as they could be the best pair I have.

Anyway I think the birds have won, if they want to breed who am I to stop them. The adults that is.

All I need now is a bigger shed a larger garden to put it in and more breeding cages.


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