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Up's And Downs



Well the 2014 season has had it's ups and downs. Of the first 21 birds that I put 2014 rings on, I have lost 9 so far. 6 from the same pair in two different nest due to the hen feather plucking. 2 to being feather dusters, and one to some mysterious illness that I thought I had got it through. It's sibling is still quarantined and I can only hope it survives. The real annoying thing is that they were both flying around my lounge last night as if they were on the mend. They were both alive this morning and I decided to deal with the healthy birds first so that I would have an uninterrupted time with the invalids. When I came back to them the one that I thought had the best chance of survival had died. Oh and guess what, besides it's feather duster siblings, definitely the best youngster that I have bred this year. The parents are a couple of birds that I bred last year and had high hopes for some decent young from them. Anyway there is still one left, though I'm almost afraid to look at that one incase I curse it.

More downs than up I think!

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everything you have described I have been throu, so much so I changed my additives, water soluble and powder additivs,what a blessing,everything stabalised with no futher problems, I wish you well with your birds

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