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Piemans Blogs Premier Edition

Ed Freel



As I have been running a blog on the forum since the forum started & people seem to like it I will continue

As everyone will know I have been a bit absent of late


All the funeral arrangements are sorted so I can get back to my birds


I will blitz the sheds over the weekend I will feel happier doing it


I now have some youngsters almost ready to go into the flight

Ive about 6 pinkies almost ready for ringing

Once One Cock has finished rearing the youngsters Im going to try breeding a lacewing I have a split Cock we bred late last year & a lacewing hen from an Ino background just thought I would give it a go


I will post Pics of this years babies when I have time but it will be a while before I can spare time for that


Ok I hope people will enjoy my blog as they have in the past


Thanks Everyone






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Mick Freakley


Well done Ed, another first for you, the first to start a proper blog on the new EBF, looking forward to your updates

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We rang another pinky today about 5 or 6 more to ring

Letting a pair do another round I like the youngsters

George our original FA1 outcross has 2 cracking youngsters in the box

A G G Normal outcross bred by K Allison we got him at the NBS auction has 4 interesting babies all rung

THe sire of last years winners has done 2 rounds one batch in the flight another almost ready for the flight

His brother has a decent set of youngsters couple of opaline Cinns & a Cinn he was with a hen carrying H & M so lets see


Well thats my update I will let you know as things happen





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I find it strange Im the only one using the new blog thingy not too worry

Where did that snow come from yesterday whole of the north east in a white out mind you it was not that cold

Over the next few days I will be ringing some pinky's should have my babies to over 30 by the beginning of March which Ive never done before so those deep concaves are working


Ive got a couple of Cocks nothing from them yet but I will keep plodding on with theM


We swopped the car a few weeks back I actually really like the car never drove a small car for years but its enjoyable


Ok bye everyone



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hello Ed


the GG dilute hen has eggs due to hatch this week. 5 eggs and all full with the light green cock ( the big greys grandson) also the sky spangle cock in with the sky spangle that I bred from the y/f grey cock and cin grey spangle hen!!! she has 7 eggs...4 full so far x

looking good so far!!!

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Hi Gaille

Well done you so those breeding cages are working


I might be able to sort you out a nice outcross normal Cock 2012 bred once I have a sort out


Take Care



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Well I managed to get some cleaning done yesterday cleaned out the flight which made me happy O M G they can crap in the strangest places


Looking at the ones in the nest Im happy with what Im breeding Im happy with the parents & they have improved as they have become adults example Cinn Grey Cock Bird ok he won the NBS Novice Y B award but now he has fulfilled his potential he has filled out head study improved

I paired him to an opaline Cinn from the same line but outcrosses had been used so it was safe

I put his brother to a Y F Lacewing ( H & M ) in the background now the youngsters are quite nice hopefully get a decent split Cock for the future


THe breeding season has been Up & down a lot of good but still a few cocks not doing the job

My C C winning hen no joy all clear giving her a rest


Mind you those smaller sisters no bother 3 & 4 to a nest

I do like my big hens but its hard getting them to breed thats why I keep the sisters as they normally breed really well


Got about 6 spangles all carrying FA1 some normal greys & blues so the boss is happy no colbalt yet but we will persevere got a hen just gone down she is a great grand daughter of Lilly who carried the dark factor put her to a G Tuplin Cock from his grey line lets hope eh


My sister flies in from Oz at lunchtime the funeral is friday My Dad is a mess he is lost married 62 years got a card from the queen

been with my Mam since they were 17

We are going down every day phoning him 3 times a day but as long as he wants to stay in the house I will support him


Ah well thats my lot





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Hi Gaille / Mick / Simon

Thanks for that most kind




Well my sister arrived from Oz at lunchtime yesterday all the preparations were sorted

We have to see the priest today O M G the roof will cave in when I walk in last time I was in a church it was in latin & I was dragged in kicking & screaming


The Birds


I put the nest box on the cage for a Lacewing hen & split Cock we bred last year fingers crossed


Had a bit of a hiccup yesterday we have a nest with 2 youngsters in not left the nest yet the hen has started laying again so I cleaned the box out sprayed with F10 put the concave in etc

Put the 2 youngsters on the cage floor Hen stayed in the box with the egg Cock was feeding the youngsters I just think they are slow or lazy to get out of the box


I paired a 2012 hen G G normal Fagan / FA1 x my line to one of the 2012 Cinn Brothers

4 G G 's in the nest but one stands out what a nut on it lets hope it continues coz sometimes these stormers in the box dont always make the grade


I put 2 youngsters in the flight yesterday they were up on the perches in the cage


My seed is up high in the flight but I put a massive tray on the ground in the flight with all the goodies in for the fledged youngsters

I also put millet sprays in the flight at this time of year


I try to give them a varied diet different seed mixes fruit veg etc etc etc they all get stuck in


Ah well Ive rabbited on long enough





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Now here is a thought last year bred a nest of G G normals now Ive just bred the hen from the nest a G G normal to a Cinn Grey

All G G in the nest no Greys I can see a Cinn G G

Now last year most of my Cinns were Grey

THis year I have a mix of Cinns blues / G G's / Greys ell at least if I decide to show I can fill up the Cinn classes


I can even enter a Grey / Spangle / Opaline Cinn


Ah well its almost 2 am cannot sleep well I willhave another cig & try again


Night night hahahahahha



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After a discussion with the Boss & a phone call to Don & Linda Ive decided to attend the NBS on Sunday to pick up my award

G Moore is giving a talk & one of my foundation Cocks is from Geoff

THe Cinn Sky Blue in my avatar is out of the G Moore Cock


That Cock a Hen from K Allison & 8 birds from Don & Linda & a couple from Lee was the foundation of my shed all my winners carry those original birds in the back ground

THe Latest winners have been produced using those lines & outcrosses from FA1 & Dairycoates

The latest outcrosses a G Tuplin / R Miller / have yet to have youngsters on the bench yet but we live in hope as they are paired up

Now here is a thing

I believe in sticking to a plan & just tweaking the plan to improve results

Last year I paired a Fagan / Fa1 bird with one of my line carrying the old lines got 4 normal G G's 3 Cocks & a Hen gave a Cock to the NBS auction

This year I paired the hen to one of my Cinn greys Cracking nest of G G's the eldest what a nut on him plenty of width & a right big handful & the rest of the nest seem to be nice as well


Couple of years ago I got an FA1 which I have been working with & had some really good results with again Ive been working it into that old line of mine this year Im pleased with the results so Thats 5 pairings carrying FA1 & my line all producing some decent stuff


I hear some newbies only happy when paying mega money & expecting instant results & only interested in heads& forgetting about the whole picture


JUst some thoughts



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Well its the funeral tomorrow lunchtime Its seems it will be a massive turn out Mam had a lot of friends & her old friends who have passed on their children have been sending cards letting us know they will be there

So it will be a celebration of her life


The Birds are just getting on with things as they do the strange thing is Ive not been around this breeding season Ive fed & watered them made sure they got their vitamins but I've so far had a good breeding season

30 rung // pinkies to ring / full eggs to hatch other years Ive seen me struggling to get to 30 after 6 months


There is a couple of Cocks who have not performed Im not bothered I will persevere with them


I will have to make decisions on a few pairs like splitting them up do I want more from them or do I want to try another Cock bird


Ah well all these things will get sorted


Ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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Ed, my thoughts are with you mate. I'm glad you can make it on Sunday...ill be taking a photo of the award presentation for the NBS website and a press release so wear your best gear hahaha.

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Hi Dean

I sent my Armani suits & Y S L shirts to the Charity shop since I piled the weight on & now Im retired I can only afford clothes from the market so Im afraid people will have to see me in my everyday clothes inc Budgie feathers


I will have a shave & polish my head


Mind you I still have a bottle of Jack an unopened Xmas prezzie dont know how its still there


See you at the meeting





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Well its all done & dusted Mam had a great Day I did my best to give her a good send off

I had one shot of Jack before the funeral just to settle me down

The hardest part was hearing the Bagpipes playing Amazing Grace as the Crem curtains closed


I now need to send out some thank you cards to quite a few people

We raised £100 for Marie Curie & the McMillan nursesas we asked for family flowers only

Went to Mams before the funeral the house was empty as they say even though people were in there

Dad got through it all I fear once it is all over & he is left on his own it will all sink in ok we will go down daily take his food he has his carers but there will be a lot of time he will be on his own to sit & reflect & as he wont go out & mix Im afraid for him


We can take him somewhere weekly in the car he can have a pint & a meal

Just a big thanks to everyone to left a message on my blog



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Well what a strange day


I had to split a pair up The Cock was being really aggresive to the hen had her pinned down on her back there was hell on they were fighting for what seemed an age I tried calming them to no avail

In my opinion he was in a breeding mood she was not so I thought to hell with it put him in the flight took the nest box off put the youngsters in a spare clean box & put them in the cage with their Mam after about 5 mins she was feeding them



Another pair took the 2 youngsters & put them with 2 other youngsters same age all straight into the food which was a good sign



Another pair raised youngsters last round this round blank so Ive cleared the eggs trimmed them up lets see what happens



So Im hoing to have a sort out soon take a look at what can stay what can go esp 2011 & 2012 birds

This years I will leave until september at least as I like to give them plenty of time


Ah well thats my news





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Well today is a big day for me Im off to the NBS to pick up an award should have been last month but things being what they have well its this month


Ive booked in at the Holiday Inn took advantage of the offer on the BS website

Always stayed at the Premier Inn but thought what the hell

Now just need to breed a decent youngster to take there

I really missed not being there last year & wondering what might have been as Ive done well in the past


Ah well better be off feed the birds have to have a meeting with my sisters God knows what they want then off to Bowburn


Ok Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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I put 4 more youngsters in the flight today 2 more almost ready they are with their Dad They have started to feed but he is still feeding them so they wont be long

I keep reading on the forum about youngsters being attacked I keep saying you have to watch the parents as long as they stay in the feeding mode all seems fine if either one goes into the breeding mode & youngsters are still around thats when the problems arise I will keep the bird that is doing the feeding & let them raise the youngsters If I have any worries

Lots of reasons have been given I dont have the answer I just try & prevent it

Ok thats my lot



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hello Ed...


the 2 sky spangles that I'm breeding have 2 chicks so far and one of the chicks has plum coloured eyes does that mean it will be a cinnamon!!!

the hen is from the y/f grey cock and grey cinnamon spangle hen ( Peggy)

the dad is the spangle cock that you gave me x


pleasde to see that you are doing well with the breeding xx

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Hi Gaille

The spangle Cock is from a Dairy coates D F yellow Cock & Pammy the hen who did well at Donny 2 years on the trot

So you have Cinnamon in the Background

Plum eye normally means Cinnamon its theGinger effect ahhahaha




I bought some wooden wine racks a while back hung them on the walls of the flight now almost destroyed chewed to bits so Ive replaced them with stainless

well I should have another breeding cage almost ready to take the youngsters out & put them in the flight so I will look at another pair I will try a hen I may have tried earlier but did not work out I will see

got 32 rung eggs in the boxes so we are doing ok





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